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October Meeting Minutes – 10/28/2021

  • Police updates from Captain Blendowski, CRT Parks,

Captain Crawford (RCSD) and Deputy Gamble (RCSD)

  • 5 total auto break ins were reported 4 forced and 1 unforced.
    • Reminder to residents to lock their vehicles and not leave items in plain sight or unattended.
    • Property Crimes reported were 1 Grand larceny and 1 Burglary
  • From August 1st to present date (time of meeting) 310 Traffic Tickets were given, primarily in school zones. CPD wants you to know that they hear you and are working towards more traffic enforcement in the midst of staffing those areas.
  • The holidays are coming up and Columbia Police would like to remind you of the following:
    • Please do not leave package trash in front of your residence that would let potential thieves know you have newer items in your home to steal.
    • Remember to not post your vacation plans on public forums or public social media posts to alert potential thieves to empty properties.
    • If you would like CPD to perform a property check on your residence there is an online form located at
      • You can submit the online form at this link- requests take 48-72 hours to be processed.
      • You can also call 803-545-3500 to request
  • Contact information for the officers present at this meeting are as follows
    • Captain Blendowski CPD– 803-737-5880
    • CRT Hakiesha Parks CPD – 803-391-9243
    • Captain Jason Crawford RCSD-803-904-3694
    • Deputy Nathaniel Gamble RCSD-803-465-2811
  • Heather Bauer for City Council at Large
    • spoke about her run for City Council at Large and offered up her contact information 803-979-1024.
    • Talked about the railroad tracks at S. Beltline and as of 10/28 they were on schedule to be repaired by end of 2021 by CSX.
  • Allison Terracio – Councilwoman for District 5
    • Cell phone 803-622-6029
    • Spoke about the proposed moratorium between old codes and new codes for land development.
    • She also touched on the American Rescue Plan Money which has been partially delivered to the council.
  • RCC 2022-2024 term elections
    • Positions were announced on RCC Website, RCC Facebook Page and Event for Meeting posted 10/7/2021
    • Nominations were made to either current VP Mike Ely or current secretary Lindsay Boozer by email or Facebook Message/Comment.
    • As of 10/28 the parties running for all four positions were unanimously voted in.
      • President – Mike Ely
      • Vice President – Mike Holden
      • Secretary – Lindsay Boozer
      • Treasurer – Julie Bigham

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