Who to call when you have a problem

City 311 services: You can call 311 from any landline to report a problem that needs to be addressed by the City of Columbia. Or you can fill out an online request here. These reports are logged by the city and kept track of by the city manager. You can report anonymously, or start an account to track the progress of the report.

State Department of Transportation: You can report DOT maintenance problems here.

Below are phone numbers for specific problems.

  • Street light out: 1-800-251-7234 (SCE&G)
  • Power outage: 1-888-333-4465 (SCE&G)
  • Water service problems: 545-3300
  • Dogs without leashes: 776-PETS (776-7387)
  • Abandoned vehicles, overgrown property, trash on private property: 545-3430
  • More than three unrelated people living in one home: 545-3430
  • Shrubs or trees blocking the sidewalk: 545-3860
  • Broken sidewalks, potholes in the street: 545-3790

Here is a helpful cheat sheet from the city’s code enforcement office detailing certain violations.


Elected Officials
Safety and crime prevention tips

2 thoughts on “Who to call when you have a problem

  1. I am having trouble with the college students next door parking in their front yard. I have called the city but have not seen any action. Who should I call next.

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