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April 27th RCC Meeting Minutes

Officer Boyd/City Of Columbia

  • He complimented Rosewood on working to keep crime down by keeping their car doors locked, alerting their neighbors if they see anything suspicious, and keeping CPD alerted of any criminal activity.
    • We have had 404 citations since January along Rosewood. They are out enforcing traffic.
    • 1 auto break-in that was unforced entry. A reminder to all residents and their guests: never leave your car unlocked or leave valuables or weapons in your car, especially in plain sight.
    • 1 stolen vehicle that was related to a domestic incident.
    • 1 residential break-in. A reminder to keep your doors secure and locked and not post publicly on social media that you are going on vacation and that CPD officer property checks.
  • He let us know that 5 suspects for local crimes have been arrested since April 1st.
    • There were 2 suspects arrested for burglaries throughout CPD south region.
      • 1 suspect was caught because he was selling the stolen items on Facebook marketplace.
    • 2 auto break-in suspects.
  • This is the time of year where lawn care and equipment thefts start to increase.
    • Officer Boyd suggested to take photos of your specific lawn equipment (or other equipment) and if there is a serial number on it, to write it down and keep it somewhere in case of theft.
    • Trailers and other construction equipment are also hot ticket items to get stolen. If they have any identifying information, it’s a good idea to have photos and any serial numbers written down.
  • Front porch Roll Calls are back!! You can contact Officer Justin Boyd or Officer Chris Morris to see what dates are available.
    • Officer Boyd: Phone- (803) 873- 8594,
    • Officer Morris: Phone (803) 315-5428,

Richland County Sherriff Department Updates

  • Captain Marcus Kim did not have much to report for the county and neither did Deputy Nate Gamble. Only 1 auto theft.
  • It’s early, but Captain Kim wanted to mention that National Night Out will be August 1st at 5:00 PM at the Sub Station II by Lower Richland High School. He would love it if the community came out to support them. We will share more details and a copy of the flyer once it’s closer to the actual event.
    • We will still have RCC/South Kilbourne’s National Night Out event in October to beat the heat.
  • Contact info:
    • Captain Marcus Kim- over region 1. Phone: (803) 600- 9328. Email:

Allison Terracio with Richland County Council

  • With regards to discussions about the Airport beacon height, a meeting was held earlier in April between the city and the county at the airport about the prospect of cutting trees down along the disc golf course or raising the beacon height so it can rotate 360 degrees and get a clear signal and not be blocked by the trees.
    • Raising the beacon height will potentially raise the allowable tree height to approximately 343 feet above median sea level.
    • The budget for raising the beacon will hopefully make it on the agenda this budget season, which is coming up. If not, the potential timeline would be later this fall.
    • There is an airport commission meeting at noon 5/8/2023; however, this project might not be on that meetings agenda.

Mike Ely/RCC Updates

  • Will Brennan was not able to attend this meeting, but has emailed with Mike to give some City Updates.
    • A request has been made to schedule another water meeting with the City of Columbia to update us on the water pipe replacement project hopefully by the end of May. An event will be created on Facebook as well as shared from the City of Columbia and RCC once details are set.
  • Former RCC President was walking with the nature trail and met with 2 city sewer workers who are looking at areas to remove some trees with roots that are blocking storm drains that run under the nature trail.
    • You may have seen manhole covers along the nature trail or a storm drain in case you didn’t know that anything ran under the nature trail.
    • They are having to remove some trees to clear the roots, but will minimize any damage to the nature trail and RCC will hopefully have a planting event where we can plant smaller bushes and shrubs to fill those areas back in.
  • With the grant money received from Columbia Green, we have hopefully 75 trees and bushes for our next planting event (has not been created yet). In our last planting event, more than 100 trees and shrubs were planted, all of which are native species that will help the nature trail continue to thrive and foster a healthy environment.
    • Keep an eye out for the next planting event, we would love to see a big turnout. Both to help plant the items and it’s also beneficial for people to learn about the native species.
  • The paw path fountain in Rosewood Park has been turned off and the pump removed for the time being. The pump kept malfunctioning and has been removed. A new drinking fountain for both humans and pets will be coming soon. We will share more updates when we have them.

Upcoming Important Dates

The date and time of our next quarterly meeting has not been scheduled but should be in July. Email/website/Facebook notification will go out when it is scheduled.

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January 26th RCC Meeting Minutes

Heather Bauer invited Tony Magwood and Jody Britt with the DOT to speak:

  • In the next couple of months they will be closing down a section of I-77 for repairs:
    • They will have signs and notices up at least 15 days in advance, the tentative start date is in March.
    • A 24/7 team of 12 crews and contractors will have approximately 216 hours to complete the job. To prevent delays, they will close each section for 9 days, separately for north and south bound.
    • The area closed will be the section of I-77 from I-26 to Bluff Rd.
  • There are a couple of paving projects in Rosewood as well, but the contracts have not been awarded yet. We will get more info on those soon.

Police Updates:

  • Community officer Boyd was in a training class so Captain Blendowski gave us some updates.
  • The viral video of how to steal Kia’s is still being shared. PLEASE remember to keep your cars locked and all items out of site and secured.
  • There have been 555 citations from August through Current as of the meeting in the Rosewood area.
  • There have been some property thefts in the area, most have been through the rear entry of the home, behind a privacy fence.

City/County Council Updates:

  • Will Brennan let us know the County Council meeting will take place in the 1st week of February.
  • They will also announce a public meeting soon to discuss the proposal to remove some trees at the airport to comply with FAA Regulations.

RCC Updates:

  • We had a wonderful turn out for the MLK Day Project Day!
    • 45 people came out to help along the nature trail.
    • This is the highest turnout numbers since pre-Covid.
  • February 18th will be the Mardi Gras Parade- be on the lookout for events on Facebook!
  • Our next meeting will be in April, we are hoping to have it at the Airport Meeting room.
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October 20th RCC Meeting Minutes

Police Updates:

  • Community officer Boyd updated us that there have been no property crimes since July of this year.
  • There have been 7 car crimes since January. 5 of them thefts. All with the keys in the vehicle.
    • There have been a few auto thieves arrested; however, the viral video of how to steal Kia’s is still being shared.
    • PLEASE remember to keep your cars locked and all items out of site and secured.
  • There have been 240 traffic tickets from August through October. 2-3% of those have been speeding tickets.
  • If you want to file an online police report, you can do so here.
    • There are 14 different options for online reports.
    • ALL get seen by investigator.
    • There are 5 or 6 questions before you file the report online, some of which will prompt you to call 911 instead of continuing.
    • There is dispatch priority based on the threat level, but please do not lie to get officers to your scene faster, it takes valuable time and resources away from situations that actually need it.
    • It is a crime to file a false report.

County Council Updates:

  • Allison Terracio spoke about salary increase for county council
    • Alison covers most of Rosewood as the District 5 representative, but if she is not your representative, she will get you to the right person and often will try and help you herself.
      • Phone number: 803-622-6029
      • The 24-hour county response center phone number is 803-929-6000.

RCC Updates:

  • We got the Cola Green grant for $3,000.
    • Will be buying 50-100 trees throughout Owen’s Field and the Nature Trail.
    • Look for planting events coming soon for along the nature trail and orchard.
      • Plan for work days in November, December, and January.
  • Wando Pipe Project is almost complete.
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July 21st 2022 RCC Meeting Minutes

Police Updates:

  • Friday July 22nd was Officer Parks last day as our community officer here in the South Region, we thank her so much for serving her community and wish her all the best as she moves to the North Region!
  • We welcomed Officer Justin Boyd as our new Community Officer, who has been with CPD for 7 years, his whole career has been in the South Region.
  • Crime is down overall in the city, especially auto thefts! South Region is down 24% overall. There were 7 property crimes in Rosewood out of the 100 or so property crimes in the South Region.
    • there is an ongoing investigation for the shooting that occurred in Rosewood:
    • empty shell casings were found, however no one was hit
    • as always, if you have any information pertaining to this investigation, please let CPD know.
  • If you own or know someone that owns a Kia or Hyundai please be aware these are the latest reported auto break in make of car.
    • they are forcing entry and removing the steering column in order to bypass the ignition and start the car.
    • please keep valuables out of sight, doors locked and make sure you have a copy of your registration/VIN information as well as your license plate in a safe place in case of theft.
  • Discussed the latest about the Vivint security salesmen plaguing our neighborhoods:
    • they are valid salespeople, and their license has been verified. the badge they wear should have their information on it and when asked to see it they should provide it to you.
    • if they come to your door and you’re not interested tell them so, ask them to leave and shut the door.
    • as far as time is concerned, the ordinance doesn’t make a reference to any certain time period that they can and cannot solicit business during, but they have been told by CPD at least once to stop knocking on doors late at night.
    • if you feel threatened or they will not leave your property after being asked to do so, call 911 and shut the door to them and stay inside. the non-emergency number works as well (252-911).

Alison Terracio

  • spoke on code enforcement in the area. there is a code enforcement officer shortage, as well as a shortage for a lot of the city departments.
    • if you’ve got a specific or urgent need, please email the ombudsman’s and CC Alison on the email.
    • some contact info can be found here.
    • our officer is Ronnie Hingleton.
  • a new firework ordinance is in the works, but has yet to be approved.
    • they will publicize a LOT before strictly enforcing. for example they will utilize social media, billboards, and signs at businesses.
    • this ordinance will take into consideration those with PTSD, our veterans, and animals especially.
    • they are looking at increased fines for repeat offenders, which are currently around $50.
    • they will also discuss limiting the timeframe as in both the days surrounding specific holidays as well as the hours for the ordinance.

Will Brennan

  • Will brought up the City of Columbia Water Meeting happening August 18th at the Boys and Girls Club on South Holly.
    • Meeting will run from 6pm-7:30pm, Thursday the 18th.
    • a Facebook event will be created and shared to both neighborhood groups, please plan on attending!
  • there are 3 areas that have been deemed emergency water repairs that will be fixed before working on any other of the 3 phase water repair plan.
    • Wando St
    • 3 blocks of S. Walker
    • Shamrock Ct
  • as far as the 3 phase plan- all of the designs have been completed, the plans were pushed back because of Covid, then again with budgeting.

Mike Ely/RCC/Orchard

  • spoke about traffic calming plans
    • we are still collecting spots all over the neighborhood. if you have a spot, please email the council or send us a Facebook message.
    • phase 1 saw 23 out of the 42 requests installed. this included speedhumps, four way stops, etc.
    • we have 3 major connectors that need to be reclassified as minor:
      • south kilbourne, south ott, and superior
  • reminded everyone to check out the rosewood orchard and nature trail
    • all the rain has made some beautiful flowers happy. it has overall been a great season for the orchard
    • plans to install a handicap accessible crosswalk coming

Important upcoming dates

  • August 11 2022 – South Kilbourne Neighborhood Association will host a Front Porch Roll Call at Suber Marshall Church
  • August 13 2022 – Sports-A-Rama at Memorial Stadium
  • August 18 2022 – Columbia Water Meeting at Boys and Girls Club
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April 28th RCC Meeting

  • Official introduction of new board since our first meeting was postponed.
  • RCPD Update:
    • In 30 days, the following property crimes were reported:
      • 1 burglary, which is still under investigation.
      • 1 stolen vehicle, which was recovered.
    • New mental health officer was introduced.
      • You will still call 911.
      • New mental health officer will help evaluate and help in certain situations.
  • Allison Terracio – Councilwoman for District 5
    • Encouraged everyone to find out who your representatives are and to get involved.
    • They are in budget season right now- if there’s something that you’re passionate about speak out and speak up- getting involved is how we can achieve change.
    • Even though land development code has been passed, doing a review/refresh to involve more community input because there is room for growth.
      • Instead of ABC type zones, they will be broader like ‘A1’, ‘B3’, ‘C4’ to fit areas better.
    • The City of Columbia governs MOST of Rosewood.
      • 3/4 of Rosewood is governed by the City, 1/4 by the County. If you don’t know who you are governed by, check the color of your trashcan.
  • Greenway- Timberlane/Park:
    • Borderlines Allison Terracio’s area.
    • The County would build the park.
      • The City of Columbia would then take it over.
    • Safety measures would be in effect, such as rangers and lighting.
    • Parking will be available- there is potential for pull in spots.
    • We need input from neighbors and local residents to ensure the best outcome. ALL INPUT IS WELCOME INPUT.
  • Herrick Brown – Nature Trail/Orchard Updates
    • Memorial Stadium parking lot promoted lots of runoff.
      • EPA and Gills Creek Watershed helped with storm water retention. Filters through the sand and slows the flow of water on the other side of the skate park and zip line/Miracle Park.
    • All grants have gone to purchasing native species to include along the trail (including plants, trees, shrubs, etc.) in Valencia/Edisto Court/Bates.
    • Bluebird Project – Bob Haskins has dozens of bluebird boxes all over Rosewood! For example:
      • 6 on Owens
      • 1 on Edisto
      • 1 on Valencia
    • Goals for the Nature Trail/Orchard:
      • Work with Sustainable Midlands for Rosewood Orchard.
      • Continue to promote Bluebird Project.
      • Projected 5 year goal: extend the Nature trail to about a mile parallel to the disc golf with minimal crossing in certain parts.
  • Next meetings are in July, October, and January. We will get out notice further in advance for these.
  • National Night out is in October. We will update as planning goes on!
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October Meeting Minutes – 10/28/2021

  • Police updates from Captain Blendowski, CRT Parks,

Captain Crawford (RCSD) and Deputy Gamble (RCSD)

  • 5 total auto break ins were reported 4 forced and 1 unforced.
    • Reminder to residents to lock their vehicles and not leave items in plain sight or unattended.
    • Property Crimes reported were 1 Grand larceny and 1 Burglary
  • From August 1st to present date (time of meeting) 310 Traffic Tickets were given, primarily in school zones. CPD wants you to know that they hear you and are working towards more traffic enforcement in the midst of staffing those areas.
  • The holidays are coming up and Columbia Police would like to remind you of the following:
    • Please do not leave package trash in front of your residence that would let potential thieves know you have newer items in your home to steal.
    • Remember to not post your vacation plans on public forums or public social media posts to alert potential thieves to empty properties.
    • If you would like CPD to perform a property check on your residence there is an online form located at
      • You can submit the online form at this link- requests take 48-72 hours to be processed.
      • You can also call 803-545-3500 to request
  • Contact information for the officers present at this meeting are as follows
    • Captain Blendowski CPD– 803-737-5880
    • CRT Hakiesha Parks CPD – 803-391-9243
    • Captain Jason Crawford RCSD-803-904-3694
    • Deputy Nathaniel Gamble RCSD-803-465-2811
  • Heather Bauer for City Council at Large
    • spoke about her run for City Council at Large and offered up her contact information 803-979-1024.
    • Talked about the railroad tracks at S. Beltline and as of 10/28 they were on schedule to be repaired by end of 2021 by CSX.
  • Allison Terracio – Councilwoman for District 5
    • Cell phone 803-622-6029
    • Spoke about the proposed moratorium between old codes and new codes for land development.
    • She also touched on the American Rescue Plan Money which has been partially delivered to the council.
  • RCC 2022-2024 term elections
    • Positions were announced on RCC Website, RCC Facebook Page and Event for Meeting posted 10/7/2021
    • Nominations were made to either current VP Mike Ely or current secretary Lindsay Boozer by email or Facebook Message/Comment.
    • As of 10/28 the parties running for all four positions were unanimously voted in.
      • President – Mike Ely
      • Vice President – Mike Holden
      • Secretary – Lindsay Boozer
      • Treasurer – Julie Bigham

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July Meeting Minutes – 7/22/2021

Meeting led by Tyler and Lindsay- both Tim and Mike unavailable

  • Storm Drain Marking Event from June 2021 from Bob Askins
    • Marked a good bit of storm drains- still have a sleeve of medallions and want to plan another small scale event for marking the rest of storm drains.
    • If you have a drain to be marked please let someone on the council know and we will work towards getting it marked!
    • Marked every markable drain between S. Maple to S. Ott and Rosewood and Rosewood Park!
  • Bob also spoke about the Bluebird Box project along the nature trail
    •  2 boxes that have been very productive- 16 new bluebird fledglings!!
  • Great Rosewood Trash Pickup June 2021
    • Not a big turnout- 6 people total
    • Picked up 5 large bags full of trash around Valencia Park and along South Kilbourne Ave
    • We still have supplies from this event and will plan another trash pick up later in the year.
  • Spoke about City of Columbia being behind on large trash pickup due to staffing. As of meeting time they were about two weeks behind. – as a result of an attendee asking about City traffic pick up vs our pick up.
  • RCSD – Lt. Jason Crawford spoke about crime in the area
    • Uptick in the area has been break ins- based on people seeing posts on social media
    • Kids pulling on car door handles, lots of gun thefts and valuables stolen from cars that were left in plain sight or unlocked vehicles.
  • CRT Hakiesha Parks with CPD spoke about crime in South Kilbourne
    • 3 burglaries between June 21st and 30th  – nothing was taken, not sure if they were connected
    • 1 auto break in with forced entry, nothing was mentioned as being taken on the report
    • 1 stolen car on Hemphill St- the key was left in the vehicle in this case
      • It is not illegal to leave your car running on PRIVATE PROPERTY – side note.
    • David Rice and Nick Hayes- both arrested finally. Multiple offenses of property crimes in both Rosewood and Shandon neighborhood.
  • Captain Blendowski with CPD spoke about keeping the community safe by keeping them involved. Please communicate with the police for your needs.
    • Reminded us that the non-emergency numbers still goes to the same dispatcher as 911 calls.
    •  (803) 252-2911 is number for NON-Emergency calls, but if you feel like it is urgent he stressed to just call 911.
    • Also update on Roll Calls- they miss having them too, but they have not been approved to start back up yet.
  • Jared Johnson spoke about the BLM Mural which is in process at Sweet Temptations Bakery on North Main St.
    • He also spoke about his project to put 21 books by Black Authors in Little Free Libraries across Rosewood, Shandon, and Earlewood. If you would like to donate a book to Jared please reach out to him via Facebook. He will share his list of books or you can purchase off the list at Odd Bird Books in the Arcade Mall on Main St. It is a local owned bookstore so you will be supporting a small business and black authors as well.
  • Allison Terracio-
    • Spoke about the Richland County Website being updated to be more user friendly for outside people looking for information.
    • American Rescue Plan Money- County is getting ~80 Million and the City of Columbia ~27 Million
  • Michelle spoke about happenings in the South Kilbourne Group
    • National Night Out moved to October
    • Reminded everyone to please lock their cars, be on the lookout for yourself as well as your neighbors.