2 thoughts on “Helpful info

  1. hi my name is greg brown/market manager of the new owens field farmers market. i would like to contact you about anouncement in in your news letter.

  2. I am Shelby King at 3001 Hope Ave. I have lived on Hope for over 12 years and use the S Walker entrance exclusively sometimes 5-8 times per day. Frequently I want to make a left turn onto Rosewood and there is no turn lane which I propose should be added where the turn from the west into Shandon now exists. It is dangerous to make a left without a turn lane. In light of the proposal to block this entrance I strongly oppose. If this is done there will be bottlenecks at other intersections for school parents and create more issues at Rosewood and Holly and S Ott intersections. It will also disadvantage home owners who use this exit. Instead I propose a stop light and two cross walks with NO barrier. I also propose a turn lane for those wishing to take a left from S Walker onto West Rosewood. Blocking this intersection is not the solution for safety of children or for traffic. I OPPOSE.

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