The Neighborhood

Rosewood is a vibrant and historic in-town residential neighborhood with eight beautiful parks, tree-lined streets, commercial and industrial districts, and a public airport. We also have a community orchard, two community gardens, high school sports stadiums, and City Roots–Columbia’s only urban farm!

A charming mix of old and new make Rosewood one of Columbia’s most eclectic and attractive communities for young professionals, families, and seniors. Residents enjoy the friendly atmosphere, diversity, and convenience of in-town life and amenities.

Read a local realty’s review of the neighborhood here.


Community Bulletin Board
Rosewood Neighborhood and Corridor Plan
Community Character Zoning Overlay

One thought on “The Neighborhood

  1. Friendly atmosphere? what about the crime? The drug dealers standing outside the Minimart on South Kilbourne? Some of us can’t walk a block in our own neighborhood because we are harassed by drunks and young men with no respect for those around them.
    Maybe SOME of Rosewood is nice. But it isn’t as pleasant as everyone is trying to make it out to be. I personally was nearly raped near Owens Field park by a young man who followed me from the soccer field to the intersection of Edmond and Hibiscus.
    Maybe the city should focus on improving the streets of their neighborhoods instead of dropping money on fixing up the parks. We have enough parks and they are fine as they are. We don’t need our electric lines buried because ‘it doesn’t look nice’.
    Please. The people want to feel safe. They don’t care about telephone poles or an occasional downed wire.

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