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July Meeting Minutes – 7/22/2021

Meeting led by Tyler and Lindsay- both Tim and Mike unavailable

  • Storm Drain Marking Event from June 2021 from Bob Askins
    • Marked a good bit of storm drains- still have a sleeve of medallions and want to plan another small scale event for marking the rest of storm drains.
    • If you have a drain to be marked please let someone on the council know and we will work towards getting it marked!
    • Marked every markable drain between S. Maple to S. Ott and Rosewood and Rosewood Park!
  • Bob also spoke about the Bluebird Box project along the nature trail
    •  2 boxes that have been very productive- 16 new bluebird fledglings!!
  • Great Rosewood Trash Pickup June 2021
    • Not a big turnout- 6 people total
    • Picked up 5 large bags full of trash around Valencia Park and along South Kilbourne Ave
    • We still have supplies from this event and will plan another trash pick up later in the year.
  • Spoke about City of Columbia being behind on large trash pickup due to staffing. As of meeting time they were about two weeks behind. – as a result of an attendee asking about City traffic pick up vs our pick up.
  • RCSD – Lt. Jason Crawford spoke about crime in the area
    • Uptick in the area has been break ins- based on people seeing posts on social media
    • Kids pulling on car door handles, lots of gun thefts and valuables stolen from cars that were left in plain sight or unlocked vehicles.
  • CRT Hakiesha Parks with CPD spoke about crime in South Kilbourne
    • 3 burglaries between June 21st and 30th  – nothing was taken, not sure if they were connected
    • 1 auto break in with forced entry, nothing was mentioned as being taken on the report
    • 1 stolen car on Hemphill St- the key was left in the vehicle in this case
      • It is not illegal to leave your car running on PRIVATE PROPERTY – side note.
    • David Rice and Nick Hayes- both arrested finally. Multiple offenses of property crimes in both Rosewood and Shandon neighborhood.
  • Captain Blendowski with CPD spoke about keeping the community safe by keeping them involved. Please communicate with the police for your needs.
    • Reminded us that the non-emergency numbers still goes to the same dispatcher as 911 calls.
    •  (803) 252-2911 is number for NON-Emergency calls, but if you feel like it is urgent he stressed to just call 911.
    • Also update on Roll Calls- they miss having them too, but they have not been approved to start back up yet.
  • Jared Johnson spoke about the BLM Mural which is in process at Sweet Temptations Bakery on North Main St.
    • He also spoke about his project to put 21 books by Black Authors in Little Free Libraries across Rosewood, Shandon, and Earlewood. If you would like to donate a book to Jared please reach out to him via Facebook. He will share his list of books or you can purchase off the list at Odd Bird Books in the Arcade Mall on Main St. It is a local owned bookstore so you will be supporting a small business and black authors as well.
  • Allison Terracio-
    • Spoke about the Richland County Website being updated to be more user friendly for outside people looking for information.
    • American Rescue Plan Money- County is getting ~80 Million and the City of Columbia ~27 Million
  • Michelle spoke about happenings in the South Kilbourne Group
    • National Night Out moved to October
    • Reminded everyone to please lock their cars, be on the lookout for yourself as well as your neighbors.

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