History of Rosewood

A house on Kennedy Street in the 1950s and in 2012.

Rosewood began the early part of the 20th century mostly as farmland, forest, and orchards, with a few farmhouses, outside of the city limits of Columbia. The photo at right from 1938 shows _____. Slowly some of the areas nearest to Rosewood Drive (then known as 5th Ave) were sparsely developed.

After World War II, development in much of the area known today as Rosewood was booming. Annexation?? By the 1960s the neighborhood looked like we know it today–but without the mature trees. The cottage-style houses, like this one to the right, define much of that post-WWII development. The current owner of this home didn’t even recognize her house without the trees!

For a more detailed history of Rosewood, check out some of these links:

Debbie Bloom, with the Richland County Public Library, has compiled a history of Rosewood from newspaper articles and pictures from current residents. Click here to read her outline of the neighborhood and see some really cool old pictures.

Herrick Brown sent us some historical aerial photos of Owens Field Airport and the Rosewood neighborhood. You can click here to see those pictures.

The Curtiss-Wright hangar at Owens Field Airport has a neat history and may soon be restored into an event hall and bar. Read more here.

City of Columbia planning department.

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