Neighborhood and Corridor Plan

The Rosewood Neighborhood Plan provides a blueprint for City of Columbia Planning Staff to address planning and zoning issues in the Rosewood neighborhood.

After months of public input, the main issues Rosewood neighbors decided were important are:

  • preservation of residential single-family home character of neighborhood
  • traffic calming
  • increased walkability and bikability
  • maintaining parks and green space
  • minimize commercial creep into the neighborhood
  • sustainability

The most helpful part is the chapter on implementation. This provides a timeline for the planning staff and neighborhood to use to carry forward the ideas in the plan.

There are some really cool maps that show what parts of the neighborhood were built when, ownership vs. rental, school zones, speed limits, road ownership, tree cover, car collisions, and more.

Read the entire plan here.

Some background:

The City of Columbia Planning Staff spent over a year speaking with neighborhood leaders, holding public meetings, and conducting a survey of neighbors to develop this plan.

After months of public input from the neighborhood–and hearing the need for traffic calming and sidewalks in the neighborhood, zoning changes to prevent out-of-character development, and remedies to the barriers to public transportation and walkability–city planning staff developed this document. The plan was recommend for adoption by the Planning Commission on June 4, 2012 and adopted by City Council on July 10, 2012. This non-binding document will be used by City Planning and the neighborhood when making future decisions about development in the neighborhood. The Rosewood Community Council will continue to work with city planning staff to implement the measures in the plan.

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