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Rosewood Traffic in the News Again

Following the accident on S. Holly on Saturday morning, Dec. 2, I contacted City Councilman Howard Duvall and County Councilman Seth Rose and told them a meeting was needed to (once again) discuss traffic calming in Rosewood. Our meeting took place on Thursday, Dec. 7, at the City of Columbia Public Works office. In attendance were councilmen Duvall and Rose, David Brewer and Robert Anderson from the City of Columbia, Ed Sawyer and Lori Campbell from the S.C. Dept. of Transportation, and Sgt. Uhall of the Columbia traffic police. Representing Rosewood were S. Holly resident Mike Ely, S. Bonham resident Matthew Upchurch, and myself. It was a productive meeting with a lively discussion of various traffic calming measures. We were pleased that so many members of government attended and expressed an understanding of our concern. However, the major complication we face is that almost all the streets in Rosewood are state-controlled roads and not city streets. This means any traffic calming initiatives must meet S.C. DOT requirements (traffic counts, average speed of motorists, etc.) and unfortunately, they do not. To complicate matters further, S. Holly is classified as a “major connector,” which prevents the installation of traffic-calming devices. But there is also good news. Work has begun to change the coding of S. Holly from a major connector to a minor connector, which will hopefully allow some form of traffic calming to be enacted. Plus, a temporary speed hump will be installed, possibly on Airport Boulevard, to allow residents to experience its effects and aid in decision making as we move forward. And it was agreed that we would reconvene in early 2018 for another meeting. It’s a complex and frustrating issue, and it will take time. We impressed upon everyone at the meeting that our only concern is to provide better safety for the people of Rosewood. We’re working hard, and we’ll keep everyone informed when there is news to share. — Mike Miller, president, Rosewood Community Council.


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