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A New Year’s message from the Prez

It’s been a busy year in Rosewood, so on this final day of 2017, I thought it would be fun to look back at happenings in 2017 and take a brief look ahead to 2018. Rosewood experienced positive development in 2017, most notably the completion of the Miracle Field in Owens Field Park and the Hunter-Gatherer Brewery in the Curtiss-Wright Hangar. After years of planning and persistent cajoling, the nature trail behind Memorial Stadium was dedicated (see photo). Multi-unit residential projects on S. Saluda and S. Gregg have been approved, and should bring improvements to those areas. A long-needed sidewalk on Capers Avenue behind Rosewood Elementary was finally installed, thanks to the Richland Penny Program. We are still struggling to address the problem of speeding traffic in Rosewood, but we’re meeting with various government agencies and hope to make progress in 2018. There has been an encouraging wave of activism in Rosewood this year, with folks hosting periodical block parties and the formation of the Rosewood Rangers, volunteers who take on all sorts of projects. This is the way neighborhoods are supposed to work, so let’s keep it up in 2018 and set a positive example for other parts of the city. Speaking of next year, Rosewood Community Council will meet four times: Jan. 18, April 19, July 19, and Oct. 18. We’ve encountered a scheduling conflict on those Thursdays at Jim Hamilton Airport (the Aviation Authority will be using the conference room on those nights), so we’ll  return to the Norman Arnold Boys & Girls Club on S. Holly for our meetings. The director there, Ms. June Booth, is excited to have us back, and she even has some projects she needs our help with in 2018. One final word about a somewhat touchy subject. The Rosewood Neighbors Facebook page has provided a wonderful and helpful forum for everything from finding lost pets to getting a recommendation for a plumber, and it’s a great place to share neighborhood news. However, it reflects negatively on Rosewood when comments become mean, hateful, and racist. I would encourage folks to keep the discourse civil, and I would encourage the administrators of this page to be more vigilant in prohibiting negative posts and policing those who make them. OK, enough harping about that. Rosewood is still Columbia’s coolest neighborhood, so let’s work together to make it even cooler in 2018.

Happy New Year, everybody!

Mike Miller, RCC president.DSC06568


I'm a reader and a walker, a writer and a rounder. I'm a lover and a hugger, and a worker and a slacker. I listen to Joni Mitchell and James McMurtry and Joe Henry. I read cop novels set in Scotland and Scandinavia. One out of every four poems I write is pretty good. I have trouble making up my mind sometimes, but I never worry about it. Life is smooth.

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