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April 28th RCC Meeting

  • Official introduction of new board since our first meeting was postponed.
  • RCPD Update:
    • In 30 days, the following property crimes were reported:
      • 1 burglary, which is still under investigation.
      • 1 stolen vehicle, which was recovered.
    • New mental health officer was introduced.
      • You will still call 911.
      • New mental health officer will help evaluate and help in certain situations.
  • Allison Terracio – Councilwoman for District 5
    • Encouraged everyone to find out who your representatives are and to get involved.
    • They are in budget season right now- if there’s something that you’re passionate about speak out and speak up- getting involved is how we can achieve change.
    • Even though land development code has been passed, doing a review/refresh to involve more community input because there is room for growth.
      • Instead of ABC type zones, they will be broader like ‘A1’, ‘B3’, ‘C4’ to fit areas better.
    • The City of Columbia governs MOST of Rosewood.
      • 3/4 of Rosewood is governed by the City, 1/4 by the County. If you don’t know who you are governed by, check the color of your trashcan.
  • Greenway- Timberlane/Park:
    • Borderlines Allison Terracio’s area.
    • The County would build the park.
      • The City of Columbia would then take it over.
    • Safety measures would be in effect, such as rangers and lighting.
    • Parking will be available- there is potential for pull in spots.
    • We need input from neighbors and local residents to ensure the best outcome. ALL INPUT IS WELCOME INPUT.
  • Herrick Brown – Nature Trail/Orchard Updates
    • Memorial Stadium parking lot promoted lots of runoff.
      • EPA and Gills Creek Watershed helped with storm water retention. Filters through the sand and slows the flow of water on the other side of the skate park and zip line/Miracle Park.
    • All grants have gone to purchasing native species to include along the trail (including plants, trees, shrubs, etc.) in Valencia/Edisto Court/Bates.
    • Bluebird Project – Bob Haskins has dozens of bluebird boxes all over Rosewood! For example:
      • 6 on Owens
      • 1 on Edisto
      • 1 on Valencia
    • Goals for the Nature Trail/Orchard:
      • Work with Sustainable Midlands for Rosewood Orchard.
      • Continue to promote Bluebird Project.
      • Projected 5 year goal: extend the Nature trail to about a mile parallel to the disc golf with minimal crossing in certain parts.
  • Next meetings are in July, October, and January. We will get out notice further in advance for these.
  • National Night out is in October. We will update as planning goes on!

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