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January 26th RCC Meeting Minutes

Heather Bauer invited Tony Magwood and Jody Britt with the DOT to speak:

  • In the next couple of months they will be closing down a section of I-77 for repairs:
    • They will have signs and notices up at least 15 days in advance, the tentative start date is in March.
    • A 24/7 team of 12 crews and contractors will have approximately 216 hours to complete the job. To prevent delays, they will close each section for 9 days, separately for north and south bound.
    • The area closed will be the section of I-77 from I-26 to Bluff Rd.
  • There are a couple of paving projects in Rosewood as well, but the contracts have not been awarded yet. We will get more info on those soon.

Police Updates:

  • Community officer Boyd was in a training class so Captain Blendowski gave us some updates.
  • The viral video of how to steal Kia’s is still being shared. PLEASE remember to keep your cars locked and all items out of site and secured.
  • There have been 555 citations from August through Current as of the meeting in the Rosewood area.
  • There have been some property thefts in the area, most have been through the rear entry of the home, behind a privacy fence.

City/County Council Updates:

  • Will Brennan let us know the County Council meeting will take place in the 1st week of February.
  • They will also announce a public meeting soon to discuss the proposal to remove some trees at the airport to comply with FAA Regulations.

RCC Updates:

  • We had a wonderful turn out for the MLK Day Project Day!
    • 45 people came out to help along the nature trail.
    • This is the highest turnout numbers since pre-Covid.
  • February 18th will be the Mardi Gras Parade- be on the lookout for events on Facebook!
  • Our next meeting will be in April, we are hoping to have it at the Airport Meeting room.

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