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October 20th RCC Meeting Minutes

Police Updates:

  • Community officer Boyd updated us that there have been no property crimes since July of this year.
  • There have been 7 car crimes since January. 5 of them thefts. All with the keys in the vehicle.
    • There have been a few auto thieves arrested; however, the viral video of how to steal Kia’s is still being shared.
    • PLEASE remember to keep your cars locked and all items out of site and secured.
  • There have been 240 traffic tickets from August through October. 2-3% of those have been speeding tickets.
  • If you want to file an online police report, you can do so here.
    • There are 14 different options for online reports.
    • ALL get seen by investigator.
    • There are 5 or 6 questions before you file the report online, some of which will prompt you to call 911 instead of continuing.
    • There is dispatch priority based on the threat level, but please do not lie to get officers to your scene faster, it takes valuable time and resources away from situations that actually need it.
    • It is a crime to file a false report.

County Council Updates:

  • Allison Terracio spoke about salary increase for county council
    • Alison covers most of Rosewood as the District 5 representative, but if she is not your representative, she will get you to the right person and often will try and help you herself.
      • Phone number: 803-622-6029
      • The 24-hour county response center phone number is 803-929-6000.

RCC Updates:

  • We got the Cola Green grant for $3,000.
    • Will be buying 50-100 trees throughout Owen’s Field and the Nature Trail.
    • Look for planting events coming soon for along the nature trail and orchard.
      • Plan for work days in November, December, and January.
  • Wando Pipe Project is almost complete.

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