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Proposed traffic-calming measures for Rosewood

At the January meeting of Rosewood Community Council, a lengthy discussion was held about possible solutions to the problem of drivers speeding through the neighborhood. City Councilman Moe Baddourah and city traffic engineer David Brewer asked the neighborhood to submit a proposal for desired sites for traffic-calming measures. Rosewood residents responded strongly, and a committee collated the requests and submitted a map to the city for review. A couple weeks ago, Mr. Brewer sent us the city’s return proposal, and it’s a very good one with many of the requested sites designated for  traffic-calming measures. Yesterday, June 18, Columbia City Council voted to approve the plan. Rep. Seth Rose has asked DOT to issue the necessary permits, and Councilman Baddourah says implementation of the measures could begin within two months. A map of the proposed traffic-calming measures for Rosewood is attached below.

Rosewood Area Speed Hump Map 3


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One thought on “Proposed traffic-calming measures for Rosewood

  1. I live on South Walker and have since 1995. I am all for traffic calming in the Rosewood area but I am totally against the median proposed that would block traffic from being able to turn onto south walker from Rosewood. I use this route everyday and have since 1995 and do not want to have to remember to turn 2 blocks early to get home or have to go two blocks out of the way to get home. I think there should be other solutions for this area. The crosswalks and a traffic light should be sufficient. Preventing a turn onto South Walker from Rosewood would create an inconvenience for those who have lived on South Walker in both directions and seems unnecessary.

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