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Possible Pump Track in Owens Field Park

Hey, everybody, a cool opportunity has come our way, and we need some community feedback to try and make it happen. The Columbia Parks and Recreation Department is applying for a grant to hopefully fund a project in Owens Field Park. There are two options on the table. The first would be to build a walking trail around the east side of the park from S. Ott towards Jim Hamilton Blvd. The second option would be the construction of a bicycle “pump track” where the large mounds of dirt are located at the south end of the park.  A pump track is an off-road course with hills and banked turns that riders navigate by using the momentum gained from pumping up and down with body movements.  Several cities in the region have pump tracks, and they’ve proven to be very popular. Comments we’ve received so far indicate that people already enjoy walking through the woods on the east side of the park, and a manicured trail is not


really needed. The idea of a pump track complementing the skate park and disc-golf course seems to be a good one. But Parks & Rec. would like to hear from you. If you think a pump track would be a fun addition to Owens Field Park, please let us know by commenting below. We’ll compile the responses and deliver them to the Parks people at the end of the week. Thanks, everybody!


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31 thoughts on “Possible Pump Track in Owens Field Park

  1. Yes, let’s do it! I think it would be nearly as widely used as the skateboard park! There is a great bike community in the neighborhood, and this would be awesome!

  2. Yes to a pump track! Philly has one and it’s amazing. Great for kids. Would be perfect for Owens Field and it would have a lot of community support.

  3. I think the pump track would be used as frequently as the skate area. The bikers that currently ride the skate park would transition to the pump track. Pump tracks are excellent exercise and extremely fun. As a Columbia resident, I am definitely interested in helping to build and maintain a pump track if it happens!

  4. It seems like both areas being discussed would take away from the disc golf course. The mounds of dirt are already in one of the fairways. As someone who plays on that course 3-4 times a week I would love for the pump track to be located somewhere else. That being said, I’m a big fan of the idea. I just don’t want to see my favorite disc golf course in Columbia disappear.

  5. Definitely a pump track!!There are plenty of nice walking trails downtown and a new one planned for Gills Creek. The small town of Pickens, SC has a nice public bike park with a relatively small footprint. A similar design would definitely fit size-wise at Owens. The first time I visited the Pickens park, I couldn’t believe they had something like that and Columbia didn’t(or at least Downtown doesn’t).

  6. At least twice a week I say to myself, “I wish there were a pump track in Rosewood!”.
    Please put in a pump track!!!

  7. Yes! A pump track! A complement to our park by incorporating innovative ideas which promote physical activity in the Wood.

  8. I’ve driven to other cities to ride pump tracks. It would be a real plus for the area. People could ride Pointsett, Harbison and the track for a weekend trip. Having the brewery across the street for post ride refreshments is a big draw too.

  9. I agree that a walking trail would be a great addition to the Owens Field Park. Would make for some more leisurely strolling areas for passersby who are in the area not only for the park, but also after enjoying a bite at Hunter Gatherer Brewery or a Farm-to-Table Dinner at City Roots!

  10. How much does is cost to maintain a pump track from year to year? What are the long term effects to the park? What happens when it rains and the dirt is washed away?

    The pump track sounds like a lot of fun for a small group of people. Whatever happened to the dog park that was planned? When will the disc golf course get tee pads? How about we finish one project before we start another one.

    1. Whoever rides on it while its wet and causes ruts can make the effort and respect to fix it. I allready know me and my buddys would help keep it looking and feeling nice

  11. I think a pump track would be best. There are several walking type areas around Columbia, but nothing like a pump track. Also make it for all ages, not only something for children. Something that an adult with a mountain bike could enjoy. Columbia needs to do more to promote the sport of biking, it would make for a healthier community.

  12. I 100% think this should happen. This would be super fun and it could get us teens closer. I just moved here from vermont and there was nothing there for bikes and i was really hopeing there would be here. I would even bust my ass helping to make it.

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