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Traffic Calming in Rosewood

At the Rosewood Community Council meeting on July 21st at the Arnold Boys & Girls Club, the city of Columbia’s traffic engineer, David Brewer, led a lively discussion on traffic calming in Rosewood. He presented us with a map of 22 possible sites for speed humps in our neighborhood. That map, which was created after many neighbors became alarmed by speeding drivers on our streets, is attached below. We’d like everyone to take a look at the map, and if you live near one of the proposed speed humps, send us a message on whether or not you approve. If you live on a street that doesn’t have any designated sites but you feel it needs speed humps, too, let us know about it. Mr. Brewer says it is up to us, Rosewood neighbors, to approve or reject these speed humps. Construction could begin fairly quickly on the ones that are approved. So give us some feedback. You can make your comments here on this post, at the RCC Facebook page, or by emailing RCC president Mike Miller at Thanks, and we look forward to hearing from you.

Rosewood Area Speed Hump Map


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23 thoughts on “Traffic Calming in Rosewood

  1. any chance of a speed bump om Montgomery , people use that as a cut thru and speed by my house all the time at 3316

  2. PULEEZE don’t put that in front of my house. (717 S. Holly St.) I don’t sleep as is, and with squealing brakes all night long, don’t stand a chance.

    I would MUCH rather they put a sidewalk in on my side of street, then mark parking places, significantly narrowing the street, which would slow traffic. Those humps are a pain in the neck all the way around. But I guess cheaper than other, more neighborhood-friendly options. If that’s the only option, I’d rather not have speed bumps at all. Those ballgame busses are going to make so much racket, as will all the landscaping trailers people pull up and down S. Holly. Geez.

  3. Howard and Superior does not have a stop sign on the Howard side, any plans on Howard, south of the last stop sign? People gain some speed going down the hill. I’m on the 700 block.

  4. Chevis street is in desperate need of speed bumps! The street goes about 4 blocks with out stop signs and people fly down the street! There are small children on the street too. Please let me know what needs to be done to get them on Chevis Street.

  5. Why only 22 speed humps? This alone will simply NOT WORK. If its traffic control you want, you need to put in a speed hump on EVERY SINGLE STREET in between EVERY SINGLE INTERSECTION in order for it to work. At the VERY LEAST, HOLT, Kennedy, Huron, Prentice, Howard, S. Waccamaw, Graymont, Superior, S. Edisto, and Airport Boulevard need to be added to this plan in order to control the traffic in Rosewood with any measurable result. Plans like this only work if you do it right. It should be ALL or NOTHING.

  6. I live on South Walker Street near the intersection of Prentice, and motorists use our street as a pass through. I highly approve of the placement of two speed humps on our street, between Rosewood Drive and Capers Avenue. Thank you!

  7. How about a stop sign on S Walker Street at the corner of Prentice Ave or Capers Ave? We’re all for finding a safe way to slow people down on S Walker, be it speed humps or stop signs, but the stop signs every other block like they have in the Shandon neighborhood seem so much more practical.

  8. I live at 310 S. Bonham — there’s is lot of traffic on the road. I think people use it to go all the way around Rosewood to publix. People fly on our street. I do not allow my son to play in the front yard because of the traffic.

  9. S.Ott needs them, especially with the elementary school. They approach that light on Rosewood as if racing toward it, with no regard for the school,and playground. A 4 way stop at Prentice would be ideal, also. Park St in Elmwood has both.

  10. Speedy drivers hate speed bumps (SBs). In fact they avoid them like the plague. The problem with speed bumps/ stop signs is that it makes a speedy driver find another way to his or her destination. The biggest attraction in the coming weeks is the football field. With the proposed speed bumps I feel speedsters will use South Bonham even more. I highly encourage a speed bump or two down south Bonham road. If I had to choose a spot for either one SB or stop sign (even better idea) at the 400-500 or 500-600 block of South Bonham. It’s halfway down and should help slow speedsters down.

  11. I am a homeowner at 300 South Ott Road and I approve of adding speed bumps on Ott Road and other roads throughout rosewood to slow traffic.

  12. I live near S. Ott, right by the school. I think some speed bumps and/or stop signs should be present in the vicinity of the school. I walk my little one and my dog on S. Ott daily and I am amazed at how fast people drive down that street.

  13. We have been complaining about people speeding down Holt Drive for years. Especially motorcycles. They run the stop sign at Holt and S Woodrow all the time. It’s like the Daytona 500 all the time. I have small children as a lot of people do in the area and I’m afraid to let them outside. Someone is going to get killed one day. I am appalled that Holt Dr is not on the list. What do we need to do to get this taken care of?

  14. WHY should we ALL be punished for a select few who are breaking the law? With FREEDOM comes responsibility. TEACH IT. Put signs up. INCREASE PENALTIES IN OUR NEIGHBORHOOD and POST SIGNS. Why make all of us drive over speed humps? Solution: Issue speeding tickets. Done. NO SPEED HUMPS!!!

  15. I’ll bet it’s a WHOLE lot cheaper to increase speeding fines and post signs in our neighborhood. Make the speeders pay. Not US!!! We all shouldn’t pay for a select few speeders. I love our neighborhood. Speed humps are not the answer.

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