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Rosewood Elementary 5K

rosewood elem logoDust off those running shoes, neighbors! Rosewood Elementary is sponsoring its third annual 5K run on Saturday, April 13, to benefit the school’s PTO. In addition to the 5K, the Rosewood Eagles will host a one mile fun run for kids (and us big kids who can’t run the full 5K) and a new mascot challenge. All events begin in the Memorial Stadium parking lot on Holly Street.

Soccer traffic may be diverted that morning. See the map here.

More info can be found at this link, and you can register online at Strictly Running. Hope to see you on the 13th helping out our neighborhood students!


Treasurer, Rosewood Community Council

3 thoughts on “Rosewood Elementary 5K

  1. Hello, Please ensure that there is uninterrupted access permitted to the Jim Hamilton – LB Owens Airport at 1400 Jim Hamilton Blvd. On occasions in the past, it has been reported that Jim Hamilton Blvd has been completely closed to vehicle traffic during neighborhood road races. This is a public venue and commercial activity and needs to be accommodated. Thank you for your consideration and assistance. Yours sincerely, Chris Eversmann, Airport Director

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